Things To Do In The Cold Weather Of Guwahati

Weather and food set the mood, at least for most of us. How hungry, how cringe we are and what cravings we have decides the mood for the day. And the weather is like a cherry on the top. If it’s cold, it has to be a warm day -in with hot chocolate and an oversized sweatshirt; there’s no debate about it.

Ordering in and sitting in the blanket working, doing Netflix and chill sounds like the perfect plan. Let’s not stick to one-liners and draft full-on plans for us all to have a nice, warm, cosy time with books, food, and tea.

  • Order A Cake

A nice cake is always a pleasure, its soothing, creamy, calm and mood settling. To have a complete cake by yourself sounds mesmerising. So beginning with the list of online cake order in Guwahati we can stick to some cheesecakes seeing its winter. Red velvet, dark chocolate, hot chocolate cakes will make nice options too.

  • Make Dalgona Coffee

Now if you think why this when, there are plenty of other options readily available, the answer is the flavour of foam, the feeling of winter and ever prepared tasty scoop of coffee. Be clever and mix a few pouches of coffee with milk and sugar so that you can have a good amount and you have to blend it every time

  • Shop For Cosy Wear

Living your dream life, let’s take it up a notch. Go online and buy a cosy pair of dramatic bunny socks. Along with that buy shrugs in winter colours and also add to the cart some winter looking attire. Going for a complete Hollywood look you will look pretty rocking the all cosy and covered look. And do remember to make it colour-themed by buying white, grey or brown colours.

  • Do A Photoshoot

Such cold weather calls for an incessant winter photoshoot wearing the cosy attire you just ordered, or you can pick from the existing fury clothes too. If you have a companion well and good and if what place the camera on the fan and clicking top view pictures or take mirror selfies. You know about it already don’t you?

  • Read Books

The winter season is all about the cosy environment, and to complement this environment; you need a few books to keep you engaged. Not able to go out of the house you need some distractions and books are the right things for it. To get some good out of this spare time you have, it’s worth reading books to gain knowledge.

  • Netflix And Chill

You find endless series on Netflix, and for reviews, you can always go on social media. Pick what you think suits you the best, and watch it sitting in your blanket all day long. Popcorn and snacks are a must don’t skip out on having those along with you. And call your friends over for a nice time together if they are willing to step out of their houses.

  • Stock Food

Stock some food from chips to muffins, some drinks and some gums, so you don’t have to get out of the bed at all. And you can also gain some holiday weight that’s a given for every winter season. You can make a basket to keep it all together and keep restocking it for the happiest winter ever.

For the extra cold weather, this year have some extra warm tips for balancing the cold out.